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Caribbean Specialist

What could be simpler than a Caribbean All-inclusive vacation? Pay one price before you leave home and never touch your wallet again. And the Deals! WOW! You can’t vacation anywhere cheaper, and get as much for your money. They make it so easy to book on-line now-a-days. Just fill in the blanks and away you go. So why use a Travel Agent?

I Say, Why not?

The truth is, your Travel Agent is there to make the process even easier. As you surf the net looking for bargains, your Travel Agent already knows where the best bargains are.

When is the best time of year to travel?

When is the best time to buy?

How can you avoid paying more than the next guy, or getting ripped off by unknown websites?

Your Travel Agent knows the answers.

I have travelled to every airport in the Dominican Republic, four airports in Cuba, four airports in Mexico, and cruised to over a dozen ports in the Caribbean. I have done more than 20 all-inclusive vacations and toured over seventy resorts. I have experience that will help you find the best vacation to suit your tastes and your pocket book.

Trent Travel does not charge a surcharge or fee to book your all-inclusive vacation.

So, Why use a Travel Agent? I say, Why not.