How to use a Travel Professional and get the best Vacation

Posted on 07/27/2021

The Covid Pandemic and the interruption in travel has taught us that a lot can go wrong when you travel. The loss of money, the hassle to get refunds, has made many people warry of booking travel again.

This new trepidation has consumers considering the idea of using a travel professional.

Here are a few points that might help when you are looking for a professional. Before you ask them for a quote, find out a few things about them.

Having a good travel professional is like having a personal assistant. They know you need Wi-Fi, a king size bed, and lots and lots of beach.

  • Local, In your neighbourhood. Knowing you are dealing with someone close by, someone you can meet, makes a big difference.
  • Communication is the key. If they are not listening to you, you’ll get their idea of a great vacation not yours.
  • Knowledge of your destination. They don’t have to travel the world, but they need an understanding of the destination you want to visit.
  • Experience with bookings, systems, and operations. A good professional knows how to get things done.
  • Trust in them. You are putting your money and your safety in the hands of a professional. Trust is key to the relationship.

Understand the role of a travel professional. They are a broker. They don’t represent one airline or one tour company. They have relationships with all of them. It is their job to search for the best price, departure date, supplier, as well as find you the vacation with all your needs and wants. They work for you and to do that job well, they need time to do the research properly. Be patient.

Planning a vacation is a process. It is a conversation, back and forth of ideas and proposals. A good travel professional will offer you a few options, wait for your reply, tweak the itinerary to suit your needs, and present again.

Thanks for listening and if you want to be introduced to a few good Agents, give us a call.


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