Motor Coach Tours

Today's motor coach tours offer a variety of tours for people of every age and interest. From city tours to visiting historical sites in the countryside or going on a wine tasting excursion. There's no limit to the number of destinations motor coach tours offer. In North America, the most popular itineraries are seasonal packages, such as New England fall foliage tours, excursions through Alaska's coast and interior, Western Canada into the Rocky Mountains and Eastern Canada including Newfoundland & Labrador.

Some specialty motor coach tours are geared towards more active interests, such as river rafting, visiting famous jazz nightclubs in New Orleans or photographing wildlife in national parks.

There are many advantages to taking a motor coach vacation. You're leaving the itinerary up to an experienced trip planner, you'll be able to see more sights than if you tried to organize it yourself. You'll also save money, because tour operators work with destination partners to get better pricing than individual vacationers can get on their own. Motor coach tours also provide narration throughout the journey offering an insight that is difficult to attain when travelling on your own.