Kim Crawford (bancroft Office)

Kim Crawford (bancroft Office)

Travel Consultant

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(613) 332-3447
12 Hastings St. North, Bancroft, Ontario, K0L1C0


Group travel is fun and exciting! Multi-generational group travel has become very popular – gather the kids, Mom & Dad, Grandma and Grandpa….maybe a few aunts and uncles…..and head to the beach! Or maybe Disney World is your preference? How about a coach tour in Ireland? Different suppliers classify groups differently – that is where I can help. For example, most all inclusive vacations consider a group to be 8-10 Adults. Group members can be anyone - friends, family, co-workers - getting together for any reason or maybe no reason at all. All you need are people who want to go to the same place at the same time. Because this is not always as easy as it sounds, why not use a Travel Agent.

I have been specially trained to handle Groups of all shapes and sizes, to all destinations. Zip-lining in Costa Rica? Whale watching on an Alaskan Cruise? Diving in Roatan? My job is to be your Group Coordinator, to work out all of the details, and pull everything together. I can help you find the right destination and accommodation, get the best price, and book with confidence. Call me to set up a Free Consultation and dream about the possibilities!


FIT is a travel industry term that stands for Fully Independent Travelers. These are people who prefer to plan their own trips, generally travelling alone or in a small group. Over the years, this has also come to include anything that isn’t a packaged vacation. Even if you prefer to plan your own trip, my specialty is assisting you to put all the pieces in place – flights, hotels, car rentals, excursions, transfers, attraction tickets…..anything needed to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Timing is everything. Flights can be complicated, especially over international time zones. Car rental terms and conditions, hotel cancellation policies, pricing, availability…… much goes into planning the perfect vacation. Let me help you put together your special trip and make those travel dreams a reality.

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