MSC Seaside Review

Posted on 02/07/2019

MSC Seaside

September 29th I ventured on my first ever cruise!As a budding world traveller I had set my sights on the MSC Seaside, to discover what they had to offer. Upon my arrival in Miami, my first impression of the ship is that it is so big and clean! Once on the ship, and looking around with my fellow colleague, I couldn’t help but notice how fresh and clean the inside was.
The first 2 days at sea were jammed packed with visiting the buffets filled with the amazing selection of food one could ever want, and might I add delicious!We took in a few performances in the evening and was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and creativity in each.
Our port days in which were St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas were stunning yet sad that it was not long enough to venture out further to discover more of the beautiful islands and what they had to offer.
Back on the ship, I thoroughly enjoyed the Venchi Chocolate bar (probably my favourite place) the creaminess of the Italian chocolate melted in my mouth and the hot chocolate was so warm and smooth sipping it till gone. Dinners were fabulous and once again the table service was phenomenal!
Who knew that a ship would have a soft serve ice cream machine!?Definitely a welcomed surprise!The rooms were spacious and well designed; the balcony however, I wish that the chairs reclined to relax and catch some sun.
I must say the experience was an interesting one at that, with such visits to the islands and like a megamall/resort in itself on the ship.Very pleased and worth the time to experience and give feedback to clients on the amazing MSC Seaside!
Looking forward to discovering more in the following years to come.

Cassandra Dunkley

Travel Consultant

Trent Travel