Post COVID - Is EUROPE on you bucket list?

Posted on 06/29/2020 | About Europe, Anywhere

We WILL travel again

To wineries in Italy for Lunch

Did you know that our Agents at Trent Travel specialize in Bucket List travel planning?

Bring your Bucket List to us, with a budget and a timeline, and we will work with you to create a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Italy and Vienna may have been on your bucket list, but now you’re not sure you’re going to get there.Don’t be discouraged. We will travel to Europe again and we will travel safely.

Most of the European Union countries will be re-opening July 1st.for essential travel.Leisure travel will be re-opening soon. Check the Government of Canada Travel Website for the latest information

The Canadian Association of Tour Operators, the European Tourism Association and the Untied States Tour Operators Association have been working on guidelines to establish procedures for Tour Operators to protect travelers against the transmission of Covid-19 (as reported by PAX news, June 19, 2020).

The guidelines are called TOURCARE. The TOURCARE Guidelines provide direction for tour operators across all touch-points of a trip – staff, suppliers, and passengers – to ensure that health and sanitization protections are in place for each stakeholder and the communities visited.

These guidelines include measures for training and sanitization for staff in contact with passengers while travelling, such as outfitting each with appropriate personal protection equipment and promoting physical distancing.

As a result, some of the safest forms of travel in the near future are going to be tour bus, train, and river boat.

We have heard some travelers say they will, "strike out on their own before getting into a bus with other people". As your travel professionals, we advise you to please re-consider that plan.

Travel on your own you may lead to disappointment and danger of infection.

What attractions are open or closed?

Which restaurants and pubs are practicing the best social distancing and hygiene procedures?

Which hotels are ready to receive clients?

What are the best alternatives to attractions that are closed?

Traveling with an established tour guide not only will help ensure your safety, it will also provide a well planned, vetted experience that will be sure to please.

So, before you re-write your bucket list, share it with us and let us help you see the world.