It's TIME for a Staycation

Posted on 06/29/2020 | About Canada, Canada

We WILL travel again

To the beaches in Ontario

This is the perfect year to vacation in Canada. Let’s go to the cottage or camping, take the great Canadian road trip or jump on VIA Rail and see the country in comfortable seats with big picture windows. There are so many wonderful things to see and do right in our own backyard.

Ontario is a huge Province but did you know:

  • Ontario covers one million square kilometres. This makes it larger than Spain and France combined!
  • Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada, coming in behind Quebec.
  • Boasting approximately 250,000 lakes, Ontario is estimated to have 20% of the world’s freshwater stores.
  • The official flower of Ontario is the trillium. The beautiful, white three-petaled flower can be found growing wild in spring.
  • Jewelry lovers will recognize the official stone of Ontario — amethyst — as the stunning semi-precious purple stone found in rings, necklaces, and earrings.
  • Niagara Falls remains one of the biggest draws to the province, as well as one of the most popular tourist attractions in North America.
  • We have sand dunes and beaches that rival the Caribbean.
  • We have campgrounds and lakes enough for everyone.
  • Choose luxury hotels or family run motels.

Choose National Parks or Provincial camp grounds.Have you been to Algonquin Park?It is spectacular .

Take in historical sites, museums and art gallery’s galore.The province is opening again and ready to welcome visitors.Ottawa, for example, is home to some of Canada’s best museums and galleries.You might need a week to see them all!Not all attractions have re-opened fully, yet there are still many things to see and do. Let our advisors help you navigate your destination before you travel.

Road trips can be planned around a theme.Try something silly such as driving to every town with the word “Moose” in it - Moose Factory, Moose Creek, Moose Lake and then stay in the Moose Cottages while eating Moose Tracks ice cream.How about a wine tour in Prince Edward County?The area is home to over 40 wineries. What about a drive across Ontario and back, stopping at as many local restaurants as possible to try the specialty of the day. At its widest point, Ontario is over 1500 kms! Maybe a drive as far north as time allows, stopping at as many lakes as you can to fish or swim and then home? The province is over 1600 kms tall! The possibilities are endless. Get the family involved and have some fun.

Your road trip could be educational – use the Group of Seven Discovery Routes to build your own inspired moments. These six themed itineraries allow you to connect the paintings on the walls, with the landscapes on the ground. During your travels create a sketch, a poem, a photograph, a story, a memory. . Don’t forget to include a visit to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg.

If you want to travel outside of Ontario and are not sure where to go, we are here to help.

The eastern provinces will be opening to all Canadians as of July 15th. Check out Trafalgar tours for their Staycation ideas.,

Expedia notes the top three destination booked by Canadian Travel Agents in April and May 2020 were The Okanagan Valley and Vancouver, BC and Banff, AB. British Columbia and Alberta are both spectacular destinations. Mountain vistas to ocean front beaches, so much to see and do for the whole family. Anywhere in Ontario or throughout Canada, our advisors can help you book your domestic flights, hotel accommodation, car rental and excursions.

Dorothy, in the Wizard of OZ, said it best:“There’s no place like home.”.