Europe, We Missed You!

Posted on 03/11/2022

As avid travelers, we find there are few things in life as exciting as a memorable travel experience – particularly one that exceeds all expectations. And while we’ve traveled to more places around the globe than we could have ever dreamed of, we do find ourselves being drawn back to Europe year after year.



As one of the most popular regions of the world for international travel, Europe continues to shine as a place for virtually every kind of globetrotter, whether you prefer heart-pounding adventure, marveling at history’s most renowned sites, or something in between. And after a couple of turbulent years, 2022 appears to be an exciting turning point for travel in Europe, with a pair of rare, must-see events taking place in The Netherlands and Germany.

Hosting the once-in-a-decade Floriade Expo, the world's largest horticultural event, all eyes are on The Netherlands. It is the 7th time that the exhibition has been held in the Netherlands, this time at a beautiful location in Almere. The theme this year, “Growing Green Cities,” brings together Dutch and international participants showing off all kinds of green innovations that will make cities more fun, livable, and sustainable.

Meanwhile, Oberammergau, Germany will be hosting its Passion Play, which it has been doing every decade since 1633, when the city was spared from an outbreak of the plague. It's been postponed for two years because of the pandemic, but the residents of the town are committed to performing their play this year.

Both the Floriade Expo and Oberammergau Passion Play will be held from spring through fall of 2022, allowing many to visit and enjoy the events as their schedules allow. River cruises are offering specialty cruises with access to these events, too, making it even easier to integrate them into a larger trip.

See you at the airport soon!