COVID 19 Insurance Coverage

Posted on 10/28/2020

One of the many stumbling blocks to travel today, is the added cost if you must quarantine in a foreign country or become ill with the Virus and have to be hospitalized. Very few of us can afford to pay the high cost of medical care out of country.

Thankfully, the Insurance industry has several companies that have come out with a Covid-19 Travel Insurance.

But not all insurance policies are the same. Just because it claims to have COVID coverage, does not mean that it will be an open bank account that will pay for everything.

Here is a short list of the things you should look for in an Insurance policy.

  • Medical Expenses Related to Covid-19 up to $200,000 (this seems to be the standard)
  • Trip Interruption expenses to re-cover the cost of the trip you didn't get to take
  • Emergency Medical Coverage for things deemed not to be related to Covid-19 or for any other slip and fall injuries (up to $5,000,000 is the standard)
  • Quarantine expenses, including, accommodations, meals, and transportation. This will be provided at $150 daily per person, up to a maximum of $2100 (this is only for 14 days, so any expenses beyond that are not covered)
  • Childcare, if you are travelling with children

Beyond the details of a Policy, there are other things to watch for. You may have to pay up front and be reimbursed after receipts are produced. The better policies will front the cost for you.

The Government's Travel Advisory plays a part in your eligibility to make a claim. Right now, we are at a Level 3, avoid non-essential travel. Most Covid-19 Insurance will cover you at the level. If it should be changed to a Level 4, avoid all travel, insurance will not cover your expenses.

For additional information on supplier COVID 19 coverage and insurance check out this link

Our Agents at Trent Travel can advise on the kind of insurance you need, and help you purchase the best coverage.